Aveneer is a luxury Destination Management Company based in Kazakhstan.
We specialise in receiving foreign guests, organising private tours to Kazakhstan and offering a wide range of hospitality services.

Aveneeer is the first luxury Destination Management Company (DMC) in Kazakhstan that offers all-inclusive holidays and tailor-made tours. Aveneer DMC is committed to delivering an exciting and memorable travel experiences for people who wish to visit Kazakhstan. We treat each client individually to create a bespoke itinerary tailored to your exact tastes based on your personal desires and our local expertise. 

We are a certified in-bound tour operator working closely with our local partners to ensure highest operational standards and quality in everything we do. We strive to promote Kazakhstan as a new tourist destination on the international level through the network of partner organisations and travel companies located overseas.  

Our clientele is very diverse and includes small and medium sized groups of families or friends, couples, business travelers and delegations, and even solo travelers. We serve those who are looking for a brand-new exotic travel experience, to see Kazakhstan for what it truly is. Our travel consultants are each experienced in their field and will design a perfect itinerary that suits you and your budget.

Above all, Aveneer DMC offers bespoke hospitality services to ensure all our clients leave satisfied not only with the destination, but also the exceptional service and our attention to detail.


We strive to become an all-encompassing service provider to satisfy all our clients’ needs with the highest level of service while guaranteeing a seamless experience that will be second to none.


Delivering a great travel experience by offering top-quality destination management services based on our local expertise, creativity, and attention to detail.


We believe in a flexible and client-oriented approach while developing our all-inclusive tour packages that are highly customized to fit your budget and needs.


  • Multilingual Guides

  • All-inclusive Packages

  • Bespoke Itineraries

  • Hotel Reservations

  • VIP Services

  • Event Organisation

  • Transport Services

  • Wedding Photography

  • MICE Tourism

  • Visa Support

  • Personal Concierge

  • Private Jets & Helicopters


  • Client Oriented Approach
    We focus on designing a perfect itinerary that is highly tailored to your personal requests and wants. We work with each client individually to create a distinguished experience.

  • Attention to Detail
    We are a firm believer of exceeding our client’s expectations and we fulfil this by offering only customized tours and unique travel experiences; coupled with top quality hospitality services value adding to your trip.

  • DMC
    AVENEER is a Destination Management Company which links top industry players and service providers that work towards a common goal to ensure a memorable travel experience for each of our clients, allowing them to experience the essence of Kazakhstan.

  • Meet Your Budget
    We offer a range of travel options from affordable to luxury travel choice which are intended to suit every client’s allocated budget.


    24/7 Customer Support
    AVENEER is happy to provide 24 hours customer support service. We will help you resolve any issue and ensure a pleasant travel experience.



Born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Adilet is an entrepreneur and was in the IT business before he found his passion connecting people and wanting the world to know more about his country. He deserted his other endeavours to focus on tourism, a bold move and gamble when he had secure job at one of Kazakhstan’s fast growing enterprises.

The decision paid off when he noticed an exponential increase of interest in Kazakhstan by many all over the world. He now strives to take Aveneer to new heights by expanding the business and bringing an authentic Kazakh experience across the globe.


An adventurous trip to Kazakhstan in 2014 left Queenie not only impressed but inspired and excited about the potential of this hidden gem in Central Asia. She saw a country that was often misjudged and unexplored by many with an abundance of wondrous, beautiful and breathtaking sites.

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Law, she took a leap of faith by putting her law career on hold and moved to Kazakhstan in pursuit of what she believed was the necessary step to promote Kazakhstan. She knew that in order to advocate a country, one must dive and immerse themselves in the culture, sights and sounds, to personally experience herself before recommending the country to others.


The company “Aveneer” was established in 2015 as Kazakhstan’s first inbound Destination Management Company (“DMC”) with the aim to promote one of the largest countries in the world as a new tourism destination.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has an great potential for tourism industry development that currently attracts foreign tourists interested in different types of experience including: leisure holidays, eco-tourism, adventure, sports (hunting, fishing, golf & skiing), gambling and other recreational types of tourism. Kazakhstan's magnificent nature, rich history coupled with local hospitality allow visitors to fully immerse in a beautiful culture and heritage of the country. 

In 2016 Aveneer has expanded into business travel segment, by offering VIP travel services and investment tours for business and MICE travelers (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events). In addition, to cater to our clients who were intrigued and interested in doing business in Kazakhstan, we expanded the business to offer our clients business consulting and local support services that help international companies access Kazakhstan and set up operations.

Today, Aveneer specializes in organizing all-inclusive and tailored individual and group tours to Kazakhstan. Our exclusive services include organisation of private guided tours, arrangement of comfortable transport and luxurious accommodation, as well as personal concierge and local support services. We strive to deliver an exciting travel experience for all filled with comfort, luxury and great memories. 


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