World’s biggest space launching facility known for launching first man (Yury Gagarin on 12 April 1961) to space, the first woman (Valentina Tereshkova, in 1963) to space is in Kazakhstan. The legendary spaceport is located in the steppes of Kyzylorda, 230 kilometers from Aral Sea. This plot of land has been leased to the Russians till 2050 and requires special visas for entry for international tourists, it plays a vital role in Russia’s Space Program as it is the only place in the world that can launch manned missions to the International Space Station.

This unique trip is developed for fans of science fiction and space odyssey. Those who are passionate have dreamt at least once of visiting a spaceport, a place from where people were sent to space. At Baikonur, you will be introduced to the former secret town and space center. During the Cold War space exploration, a race was one of the priority goals of the parties. USSR and the USA did everything to be the pioneers in the field, where Baikonur played a major role in the race to space. The place that once was super secret and super protected now can be visited by tourists.  


At certain times during the year, there will be launch tours, where tourists have to make an application at least 60 days in advance to secure a space and to apply for the necessary visa’s. Please write to us regarding space launches and its dates, we will be happy to assist you in planning for this once in a lifetime trip