• Skiing in Kazakhstan

    Located in the city of Almaty lies Kazakhstan's leading ski resort Shymbulak


  • The Great Silk Road

    Explore the Ancient Silk Road connecting East and West


  • Play golf in Kazakhstan

    Enjoy the ultimate golf experience in Kazakhstan's best golf courses


  • Baikonur Rocket Launch

    See an exclusive rocket launch at Baikonur Space Center


  • Gambling & Entertainment

    Visit Kazakhstan's best Casinos and enjoy your luxurious experience with Aveneer




Aveneer is a Destination Management Company based in Almaty, Kazakhstan
offering private and tailor-made tours.

We thrive on the passion we have for people yearning for new exotic travel
experience while still maintaining a level of luxury.

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Exclusive trips


Let us handcraft your journey for you. See Kazakhstan exactly how you want to see it, based on your exclusive itinerary designed by Aveneer DMC.



  • Client oriented approach
    We focus on designing the perfect itinerary that is highly tailored to your personal requirements and desires. We work with each client individually to create a distinguished experience.

  • Attention to detail
    We are a firm believer of exceeding our client’s expectations and we fulfil this by offering only customized tours and unique travel experiences; coupled with top quality hospitality services, value adding to your trip.

  • DMC
    AVENEER is a Destination Management Company which links top industry players and service providers that work towards a common goal to ensure a memorable travel experience for each of our clients, allowing them to experience the essence of Kazakhstan.

  • Meet Your Budget
    We offer a range of travel options from affordable to luxury travel choices which are intended to suit every client’s allocated budget.


    Customer Support

    AVENEER is happy to provide 24 hours customer support service. We will help you resolve any issue to ensure a pleasant travel experience.


Kazakhstan - the 9th largest country in the world is also the largest landlocked country. It is an exotic destination not explored by many but boasts one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. The country’s landscape ranges from semi-deserts and canyons to high peak mountains and river valleys. Because of this Kazakhstan attracts people with different travel purposes from exclusive leisure holiday getaways to adventurous & eco-tourism experience.

Aveneer specialises in creating an unparalleled experience for tourists visiting Kazakhstan. 


  • Almaty

    The center of cultural exchanges, historic monuments, and adventure; Almaty is the oldest and most developed city in Kazakhstan. Be spoilt by uninterrupted views of the mountains, as the city is situated at the foot of the Tien-Shan Mountain range.

  • Astana

    The new capital of Kazakhstan - Astana is a modern city with beautiful architecture and state of the art museums, theaters, and cultural centers. Recent events like EXPO-2017 and Syrian Peace Talks that were held in Astana emphasized the importance of Kazakhstan’s capital on the world stage.

  • Charyn Canyon

    The second largest canyon in the world called Charyn Canyon is hidden in the Eastern part of Kazakhstan is one of the most famous tourist attractions. It is the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in America and truly is one of the must-visit attractions.

  • Borovoe

    Deemed and named “Little Switzerland” by the locals and agreed upon by travelers. Borovoe is a hidden gem in Kazakhstan. Enjoy nature by going hiking or simply have a picnic with this breathtaking view.

  • Mangystau

    Mangystau is where the desert meets the Caspian sea, where the mountains meet depressions. A truly alluring experience for those who crave adventure and charming scenery.

  • Kaindy Lake

    Kaindy Lake’s unique feature that attracts people from all over the world is that it is, in fact, an underwater forest. Visitors can enjoy stunning views and soak in mountain air that will leave unforgettable emotions.

  • Kolsai Lakes

    The three charming mountain lakes sit at 1000, 2250, and 2700 meters above sea level. Guests are often left dazzled by the grandeur and beauty of the turquoise waters, as they feel tranquility and peace inside.

  • Tamgaly

    Let history not rewrite itself but be told again at Tamgaly tas. Step back into time and witness ancient rock carvings of different religions and cultures found in one place. No wonder Kazakhstan is considered a melting pot of cultures.

  • Baikonur

    Be a part of the exclusivity; witness a rocket launch to space in front of your very own eyes. Travel with Aveneer to ensure your journey is luxurious, smooth and comfortable.



  • Shaun Marc
    The team at Aveneer are extremely talented, meticulous, and passionate about what they do. Thanks to their dedicated planning my wife and I had the most fantastic, exotic and luxurious time exploring Almaty!
  • Jean Lee
    Aveneer team organised our KZ trip for the purposes of market research and leisure. We have an unforgettable experience. From Food to attraction and the beautiful people. We will surely go back again. Big Thanks to Queenie, Adilet and Aveneer team.
  • Dennis Wee
    My 1st trip to Kazakhstan was an eye-opener! Never expected to like it so much thanks to my awesome tour guide. Food was UNBELIEVABLE and if you DON'T TRY YOU WOULDN'T KNOW. They even had Chinese food for people like me to enjoy. Thumbs Up for Kazakhstan. An unforgettable holiday experience for my holidays' kaki and also for my wife Priska Tan & I. God Bless KAZAKHSTAN!
  • Doris Lew
    Thank you for organizing the tour and introducing us to KZ, it was an eye-opening experience. Good company, good food, clean and safe. Tour leader was detailed and entertaining. Absolutely enjoyed myself during the trip! Good job guys, can’t wait to visit and explore again.


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