• Golf

    Kazakhstan boasts beautiful golf courses with the backdrop that looks like a painting.

  • Ski

    Kazakhstan is an undeniable choice for a high quality, ALL-INCLUSIVE ski holiday in Kazakhstan.

  • Glamping

    Want to experience a nomadic lifestyle with maximum comfort? Then glamping is something you are looking for! Kazakhs are known for once being nomads, they used to live in yurts and move from place to place.

  • Nature trails

    Almaty is situated at the foot of Trans-Ili Alatau mountains that belongs to northern ridge of The Tien-Shan highland.

  • Baikonur

    World’s biggest space launching facility known for launching first man (Yury Gagarin on 12 April 1961) to space, the first woman (Valentina Tereshkova, in 1963) to space is in Kazakhstan.

  • Silk road

    The ancient Silk Road was a trail and melting pot for different cultures, religion and trade centuries ago. The Silk Road at first served for the export of Chinese silk to Europe.

  • Gambling

    Don’t roll the dice when planning your next gaming getaway!
    If you really love playing and winning - try your luck in Kazakhstan.

  • Business

    Kazakhstan ranked 35th position in the World Bank rating "Doing Business 2017", increasing its ranking by 16 points compared to «Doing Business 2016» where the country took the 51st position.

  • Wedding photos

    The wedding is one of the (if not the most) happiest days one can ever experience. Want to remember the wedding day for the rest of your life, not missing even slightest detail?

  • Cycling tour

    The mountains of the Central Tian Shan have become a new tourist destination for mountain bike enthusiasts from all over the world seeking for the most thrilling and breathtaking bicycle ride experience.


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Eagle hunting in Kazakhstan

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A perfect opportunity to learn more about Kazakhstan and to experience the essence of the nomadic culture

Indulge yourself with a luxurious golf trip to the beautiful golf courses of Kazakhstan with the backdrop that looks like a painting.

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