Touch the Sky


The First Cosmodrome in the world


Do you feel wander and fear at the same time when gazing into the night sky, full of stars; wondering what lies beyond the galaxy - the feeling of awe. What is in there? Are we alone in the universe? Will we ever be able to come a little closer in understanding our role in the universe? Thoughts like these made possible in the 20th century to become revolutionary in exploring space and world's first and largest cosmodrome Baikonur was and still is a milestone of Astronautics.  

Built secretly by the Soviets in 1955, Baikonur Cosmodrome has written its' name in history as the place where the first artificial space satellite was launched in 1957. It is also the place where the first animal was launched to space and was also the place where the first man Yuri Gagarin and woman Valentina Tereshkova were launched to space. 

Since recent times tourists are allowed to visit Baikonur and witness a rocket launch. Specialized tours usually take 4 to 5 days depending on complexity and include transfer to the town of Baikonur, accommodation in local hotel, visiting various sightseeing, museums related to Soviet Astronautics, watching the roll-out of the rocket from the hangar and transfer of it to the launch pad, Space Crew ready-to-go official report and observation of the launch of Soyuz rocket.


Note that Russia rents Baikonur so it is necessary to obtain a double-entry Russian visa, which is made 60 days in advance. Next manned launch is scheduled March 10th, 2018 and Aveneer DMC would be glad to offer you this unique tour. 

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